It’s our first ever plant-based PERi-PERi chicken alternative, packed full of PERi-PERi, made completely from pea protein and the perfect way to get your meat-free Monday on in true tasty style.

And we’ve not called it The Great Imitator for nothing. This plant-based alternative tastes so much like our famous PERi-PERi chicken, even the biggest Nando’s fan will find it hard to tell the difference.

It’s good to be great.

We’ve made some pretty big commitments to fight climate change, and introducing more plant-based options to our menus is just one of the many ways we’re aiming to bring down our carbon emissions. Because when it comes to climate change, we’re not clucking about.

Going head-to-head with our classic chicken burger, The Great Imitator weighs in at well under half the carbon footprint, whilst still packing that PERi-PERi punch. So you can get your fix, and feel good about it too.