H&M Recycling


H&M’s latest kids' collection turns plastic waste into everyday fashion. For two years in a row, we’ve teamed up with Danone AQUA for the bottle2fashion project, transforming plastic bottle waste from across the islands of Indonesia into recycled polyester.


Giving a second life to plastic bottle waste, bottle2fashion is a collaborative project for production that is better for our planet. Not only does it support the Indonesian government’s initiative against marine pollution, but it also enables us to lower the footprint of our garments by using recycled materials.


To make the recycled polyester, it starts with the collection of PET bottles followed by sorting, cleaning and shredding them into flakes before turning them into fibres. What are the environmental benefits of recycled materials? They stop waste material from going to landfills and reduce the use of virgin raw materials, thus saving natural resources and decreasing the climate impact of our garments. 


By using recycled polyester from the bottle2fashion initiative for a popular kidswear collection, it highlights how we can normalise the use of more sustainable materials across many collections at H&M.