Voluntary Sector Forum Event in the Gardens 2023

Water Gardens

Take a look through the varied aspects of our Voluntary Event at the Harlow Water Gardens, that we held on Augusts 23rd. This event was an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the contributions of Harlow's Voluntary Sector to the community. 

The day was filled with activities, information, and camaraderie as we come together to support and recognise the efforts of those who selflessly give back.

Charity Highlights:

  1. Rainbow Services: Rainbow Services is committed to works for change to alleviate the effects of disadvantage, deprivation and social exclusion through imaginative projects that support, enable and develop people and organisations. Stimulating beneficial change in the Harlow community.

  2. Action for Family Carers: Dedicated to supporting family carers, this charity provides essential guidance and assistance to those caring for their loved ones. 

  3. Citizens Advice Harlow: Citizens Advice Harlow offers impartial advice on a wide range of issues, ensuring everyone has access to the help they need. Explore the diverse support they provide to navigate life's challenges.

  4. Accuro: Accuro works passionately to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families. Explore their inclusive activities and services, fostering a sense of belonging and independence.

  5. Carers First: This charity champions the well-being of carers, offering invaluable support and advocacy to those caring for others. 

  6. St Clare Hospice :St Clare Hospice provides compassionate end-of-life care and support to patients and their families. 

  7. Changing Pathways: Changing Pathways empowers survivors of domestic abuse, offering refuge and resources to break the cycle of violence. 

  8. Harlow Occupational Health Service: This charity focuses on promoting health and well-being in the workplace, ensuring a healthier and more productive workforce.

  9. Streets2homes: Streets2homes works tirelessly to assist homeless individuals and those at risk of homelessness, offering stable housing and access to support services.

  10. Butterfly Effect: Butterfly Effect is an environmental charity striving to create positive change through sustainable practices. 

  11. Essex Family Forum: Essex Family Forum advocates for families with disabled children, ensuring their voices are heard in decisions that impact their lives. Discover how they create a more inclusive and supportive community.

  12. Healthwatch Essex: Healthwatch Essex gathers feedback from the public to influence local health and social care services positively.

  13. YCT (Youth Counselling and Therapeutic Services): YCT provides professional counseling and therapeutic support to young people facing challenges. 

  14. Barnados - Treehouse Family Hub: The Treehouse Family Hub offers a range of services for families with children, providing support and resources to foster a nurturing environment for children to thrive.

  15. Harlow Community Transport: Harlow Community Transport assists residents with transportation needs, ensuring accessibility and mobility for all.

  16. Revolutionising Recovery: Revolutionising Recovery is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and recycling within the community. 

  17. Epping Forest District Council: The Epping Forest District Council plays a crucial role in serving the community, providing essential public services and support.

  18. Harlow College: Harlow College contributes to the educational and vocational development of individuals, equipping them with skills for a brighter future.

  19. Integration Support Services: Integration Support Services fosters inclusivity and supports individuals from diverse backgrounds, ensuring they feel welcomed and valued within the community.