Revo: Celebration of Place Awards

The Water Gardens has been recognised in the Revo: Celebration of Place awards. As part of the Reflect category for our Summer of Sports in 2021!

Celebration of Place is an industry and UK wide recognition campaign to celebrate the good within the industry, with special attention to what has been an extremely challenging period (Jan 2020 to March 2022), and we are proud of the team for this achievement.

The Water Garden’s ‘Summer Of Sport’ launched in June 2021, and ran throughout the Summer, allowing over 4,000 children a chance to enjoy and participate in sport, while linking them directly to local sporting clubs. Free sporting events were timetabled in our Shopping Centre’s landscaped gardens that matched the professional sporting calendar.

We partnered with relevant local clubs to host and run the activities and pre-registered children into sessions, controlling numbers and ensuring children received the right level of coaching and support.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to The Water Gardens team for facilitating the event, and to our marketing agency, Velocity Worldwide, for organising and running it!