Celebrating High Summer ’24 Pod Winner: Maggie Kellard from Harlow College Fashion School

We are thrilled to share that the winner of the High Summer Pod Design is the incredibly talented Maggie Kellard from Harlow College Fashion School. Maggie’s design stood out for its unique take on country fashion, seamlessly blending pastels, cowboy boots, pink hues, cloud motifs, disco accents, and elements of nature. Her innovative approach not only captures the essence of summer but also brings a fresh perspective to the classic country style.


Highlighting The Water Gardens Brands

Maggie’s winning design doesn’t just spotlight her talent; it also highlights the diverse range of brands and their products, including high-street fashion and homeware brands such as River Island, Robert Goddard, Asda, H&M, TK Maxx, and many more. Through this competition, we aim to foster a connection between budding designers and established retailers, creating opportunities for creativity and growth.


Valuable Work Experience & Supporting Future Careers

Maggie gained valuable work experience in merchandising and designing, working closely with our renowned brands. This hands-on experience is invaluable, providing insights into the real-world applications of fashion design and retail operations, helping to endorse students for their higher education and work placement applications, and ensuring they have the support needed to advance their careers.


Join Us in Celebrating Maggie’s Achievement

Maggie Kellard’s success is a testament to the creativity and dedication of young designers. We are proud to be a part of her journey and excited to see how her design will influence summer fashion.

By fostering such collaborations, The Water Gardens continues to be a hub for creativity and community engagement. We look forward to seeing more innovative designs and supporting the next generation of fashion talent.